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*NEW* Revisiting Assessment... in the Remote Context

How can effective assessment for learning practices be adapted to these remote contexts? Join us in this two part webinar series as we share strategies to enhance your virtual and remote assessment practices, while fostering a caring class community that attends to your own well-being and that of your students.

Using the VLE (Brightspace) to Support Synchronous Learning: Getting Started

This five part webinar series will focus on pedagogical strategies for synchronous learning as part of remote learning and blended learning program delivery. The use of tools available in the VLE (Brightspace by D2L) will be featured, along with other digital tools used in school boards. Webinars are intended to a meet a range of audience needs, supporting all learners across the skills and experience spectrum.

Exploring Digital Tools and Strategies to Support Remote Learning: Getting Started

Educators use a wide range of digital tools and platforms to support teaching and learning. This five part webinar series provides an opportunity for elementary and secondary educators to collaboratively begin exploring tools and strategies to support their practice in ways that are engaging to and inclusive of all learners. Come for as many sessions as you are able to join us!

Using Remote and in-Person Assessment for Learning to Support All Learners in Kindergarten

These short, interactive five webinars are designed to respond to the needs indicated by K2 educators to support assessment, evaluation and reporting across all learning models, with emphasis on supporting transitions between models. Participants will be invited to share their successful strategies as they contribute to a collaborative, evolving ​resource document which will be shared with all participants.

Teleconference: Engaging All Learners in Communities with Limited Internet Access - Elementary | Secondary

These two (one for elementary and one for secondary) four-part teleconference series are intended for educators supporting learning in areas with low to no bandwidth. The series will begin with an invitation to participants to co-construct the series. The planning team will share a variety of potential topics with a brief description of each and engage in a conversation with participants to determine the theme of the next three teleconferences.

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